ZPanel to Sentora migration

ZPanel to Sentora migration:

Sentora is a GPL fork from ZPanel. It indents to be compatible for most things with zPanel but the points below must be adapted:

Directories and files:

  • /etc/zpanel is replaced by /etc/sentora
  • /var/zpanel is replaced by /var/sentora

but Sentora installer setups two symbolic links to enable software compatibility

  • Default theme directory "zpanelx" is replaced by "Sentora_Default"
  • dryden/ui/tpl/zpanelversion.class.php is renamed to sentoraversion.class.php
  • lib/pChart2/zpanel changed to lib/pChart2/sentora
  • lib/pChart2/palettes/zpanel.color changed to lib/pChart2/palettes/sentora.color
  • modules zpanelconfig is renamed to sentoraconfig


Databases that was prefixed by "zpanel_" are now prefixed by "sentora_"

  • sentora_core
  • sentora_postfix
  • sentora_proftpd
  • sentora_roundcube

Database content: (specially x_settings) and translations:

  • each term "ZPanel" or "Zpanel" or "ZPanel" or "zPanel" is replaced by "Sentora"
  • each term "zpanel" (all lower case) is replaced by "sentora" (lower case too)

Database access:

  • Databases for postfix, proftpd and roundcube must no longer be accessed by user "root" but by their own user: "postfix", "proftpd" and "roundcube" and associated password.

Apache and PHP versions:

  • Sentora can be installed under apache 2.2 + php 5.3 (Ubuntu 12, Centos6) and apache 2.4 + php 5.5 (Ubuntu 14, Centos7). The developer must take care if parts of code are dependant of versions. (ie., be carefull with allow/deny directives for apache)


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