Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before I install Sentora?

Installing Sentora:
Sentora is installed by using the command line and a custom installer that can only be run as root user.
It is NOT a downloadable resource that can be installed from a package like on Windows.

Packages installed by Sentora
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Sentora installation tutorial
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How to uninstall Sentora ?

There is currently no simple way to uninstall Sentora, because its install also requires many packages and config adjustelments.
Writing an uninstaller can be doable, but would be really complex and probably not always reliable on all systems.

As Sentora is expected to be setup on an EMPTY new system, it is far more simple to reinstall the OS from scatch.

What ports do I need to open and forward?

Firewall configuration
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How do I change the Sentora login sub-domain?

Changing Sentora sub-domain
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How do I change the vHosts location?

You can change the location of user files/hosted files by going to Module Admin>Apache Config>VHosts Directory

Remember to set the correct permissions for the new folder location!

How do I set up my DNS with only one IP?

Name servers with a single IP
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How can I edit and customize the default welcome and error pages?

Editing the default pages
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