Must I use my registrar nameserver or must I host myself my own nameserver ?

If you are new to DNS management, and until you are required to run your own name server (for example: to enable clients with the feature to manage their own domain from your server), it is recommended that you use the name server provided by your registar. By utilizing a name server provided by your registar you may save some time and possibly a lot of headaches.

Using your registrar nameserver advantages:

  • Your registrar have many redundant nameservers with differents IP (at least 2 are mandatory)
  • Your registrar may implement protections against config errors, provide multiple zonefiles, pending configs, check before applying etc...
  • Your registrar nameservers have setup securities against DNS attacks
  • You can stop dns service from your server, freeing memory and resources
  • You already payed your registrar for this service (!)

Maintening your own nameservers advantage:

  • You can manage all the domains hosted on your server from a single common interface (Sentora DNS management)

=> If you are hosting only 1 domain on your server, use your registrar or hosting name server. You will have only one user interface to learn, those of your registrar.

=> If you are hosting many domains on your server, registered from many different registrar, hosting your nameserver will enable you to manage all domains in the same user interface (Sentora), but it suppose you have knowledge enough to handle perfectly all DNS requirements (2 servers, etc...) and settings. On another hand, continuing to use registrars name servers may not be very boring and is a security.

=> If you are renting some host space on your server (resellers, clients) you will have to manage your own nameserverS, and your are responsible in regard of yourself and in regard of all the clients that you host : nameservers working and configuration, conformity (at last 2 servers with differents IP), protection against DNS attacks (DNS spoofing, etc. ), mirroring and redondancy....

Even if a single nameserver without redondancy (and not conform to IANA requirements) may work, Sentora do not advice or approve building such uncompliant nameserver.

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