First connection to Sentora

Important notes :

- The following suppose you have already configured your DNS for your root domain but also for Sentora sub-domain.
If it is not already done, read Setting up DNS ...

- Below, I will use as example yourdomain.tld for root domain and panel.yourdomain.tld for panel subdomain. Replace them with yours.

First login

Once Sentora is installed and eventual security patches applied, you are able to connect to Sentora and configure it.

Within your browser, goto the URL you entered in response to FQDN during install (something like http://panel.yourdomain.tld). Alternatively, if your DNS does not still works, you can login directely to the IP of your server (like

You will get the login page.

Login with user name "zadmin" and password as collected at end of install in passwords.txt file.
If your lost your admin password, see also admin password lost

If you does not get the login page, see Sentora login page fails


Domain configuration

By default, Sentora login page is displayed when you browse to the FQDN specified during install (http://panel.yourdomain.tld), but also when you browse to the root domain name (ie http://yourdomain.tld).

If you do not want to have this login page for the root domain, or if you want to use the root domain for a website (as usual), you have to add the root domain in the virtual domains list handled by the server.

Note : if you want to give admin rights for this website to another people, create first a new user (menu Reseller, then Manage clients. Create a new client and then login to a new Sentora windows with this client account or use the Shadow function from admin account : menu Admin then Shadowing, and select the client account).

- goto menu Domain, then Domains.
- in "Domain name" field, enter the root domain name yourdomain.tld.
- Select "Create a new home directory" and click "Create".
- Only if you will use your own name server with Sentora, think to create the default DNS records for you root domain with Sentora DNS Manager.

Now browsing to your root domain will show the default page "website ready".

FTP Access to your new domain

To enable you to send a website content to the server, you have to setup an FTP account.

Select menu Files, then FTP Accounts

- Enter an username and a password for the ftp account
- Select access type : Full access (!WARNING! for Linux versions, until it will be handled, full access is used regardless of choice made here)
- select  Use Domain directory if you want the ftp account access only the website root directory, or select Set Master home directory if you want the ftp account can also access backups and other users private ftp accounts for this domain,
- click on  "Create" button

Do not forget:

  • if you setted up a firewall, ensure that ports 20 and 21 are open. See also Setting up your firewall
  • if your server is at home or behind a router, ensure you forwarded ports 20 and 21 to your server IP

You can now connect to your space with any FTP client software (like FileZilla, etc...) and upload the website content. for your domain. Use any domain hosted on your server (or even its IP) in "Server" field in FTP Client (if you do not understand why, please read Setting up DNS ...), use username and password you configured in Sentora as Login/Password.

Read also the paragraph Note for local server: on this page.

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