Installing Sentora

Before installing Sentora...

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Supported OS:

The Sentora installer officially supports the following operating systems:

  • CentOS 7
  • Ubuntu 20.04.


Unsupported OS:

Some distributions derived from the supported operating systems may work. You are free to use Sentora on unsupported systems at your own risk. Sentora's development team will offer no support to unsupported distributions


Pre-installation check:

The installer is designed to be as simple as possible. It will verify that all mandatory requirements are meet :

  • We recommend a minimal distribution installation.
  • There can be no other server management panel installed prior to installing Sentora.
  • There can be no other web services (Examples: Nginx, MySQL, Apache, PHP, FTP Server, Mail Server, etc.) installed prior to installing Sentora.

Additional Requirements:

  • You MUST have a domain name registered and a SUB-DOMAIN pointing to your server's IP,

               The main domain will be used to setup email service (like webmaster@MAIN-DOMAIN.TLD)
               The sub-domain will be dedicated to access to Sentora panel.

               You may use a free domain or alternatively purchase one from
               You can run a limited functionality version of Sentora without DNS. Read more

  • You MUST have opened and forwarded the required ports in your modem or router, and on the server firewall.

               See the list of required ports here.

Once ALL of the above conditions are met you may begin installing Sentora on your server.

Also see Installation configuration


If any of the above terms or concepts seem unfamiliar then we recommend that you put some time aside to read up more on web servers and web hosting BEFORE you attempt to install Sentora.

Following the tutorials will assist you with the entire process of installing Sentora. However if you run into an error not documented here: Please visit the forum.



Emergency patches

From time to time we find security loopholes in Sentora. We fix them and release emergency patches. You need to install these.
Read more

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