Third party theme crash

Please remember that third party themes are NOT handled by Sentora team.

If the selected theme crashed only one page:

Simply use another theme and report the bug encoutered to the theme author.

If the new theme crashed the whole panel:

DO NOT close the browser. While it remembers you are logged, try to access directly the theme manager page with:

http://[...your panel url or server IP...]/?module=theme_manager

If it works, you are saved : select another theme, like the default theme named Sentora_Default

If the theme manager page is not reachable:

Go to phpMyAdmin. If Sentora is not reachable, use:

http://[...your panel url or server IP...]/etc/apps/phpmyadmin

Login as root and go to database Sentora_core, table x_accounts

For at least the user zadmin, change the ac_usertheme_vc column value to Sentora_Default

You can now login again with default theme.


Alternate way : from phpMyAdmin or from console (after login to mysql as root), run this SQL query:

USE sentora_core; UPDATE x_accounts SET ac_usertheme_vc="Sentora_Default" WHERE ac_user_vc="zadmin";


For all cases:

Please report to the author (where you found the theme) and in the Sentora templates forum  that the theme is not working.

Do not forget to mention your OS, your Sentora version, the faulty theme name and version, and (if it apply) the module name that does not work (it is displayed in the URL bar like ?module=xxxxx).

Thank you !

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