General method to debug

When the panel (or a website) is reachable at his URL but a page (even the main page) cause an error or a blank page, the first thing to do is to track the logs !

Note : replace below domain.tld by your domain (or subdomain) full name.

The logs for the panel itself are in

/var/logs/apache2/error.log   or    /var/logs/httpd/error.log

The logs for the domain domain.tld are located in directory

/var/zpanel/logs/domains/[your-Sentora-login]/domain_tld  (ubuntu, CentOS)

c:\zpanel\logs\domains\[your-Sentora-login]\domain_tld (windows)

(see also Sentora important files paths)


Tracking a logfile in real-time:

Ubuntu & CentOS:

In an SSH console or local console enter:

tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log

tail -f /var/zpanel/logs/domains/[your-Sentora-login]/domain.tld-error.log

The console displays the 10 last lines and will display automatically each new line writen in the file.
=> While it is waiting, do an access to the page that fails and note the new error that is displayed.

To stop tracking and go back to prompt, press CTRL-C

Windows :

The "tail" tool is not provided natively for windows, but you can find some equivalent by a search for "tail for windows". Some equivalent returned :

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