Upgrading/Migrating v1.0.x to v2.0.0

Sentora v1.0.x Folders/Files to backup ( VERY IMPORTANT ) -

Sentora core                     -     /etc/sentora

Sentora user data             -     /var/sentora

Sentora password files     -     /root/passwords.txt


How to backup Sentora v1.0.x full Database -

Only run this as ( ROOT USER ONLY NO SUDO )

mysqldump --user=root --password=[ YOUR MySQL ROOT PASSWORD ] --all-databases > ~/sentora_full_db.sql



How to proceed with Upgrading/Migrating from v1.0.x to v2.0.0 -

- Install Sentora v2.0.0 on a new Server/VM - (Recommended)

Importing v1.0.x DB to your new v2.0.0 server -

- Copy sentora_full_db.sql to your v2.0.0 ROOT Home directory.

- Import sentora_full_db.sql with this command -
  mysql -u root -p [YOUR v2.0 MySQL ROOT PASSWORD] < sentora_full_db.sql

- Upgrade DB to Mysql 5.7.x and flush tables with these commands-
  mysql -u root -p [YOUR v2.0 MySQL ROOT PASSWORD] -e "flush privileges;"

Import v2.0.0 sql upgrade/fixes to upgrade your database for v2.0.0 -
 - Run "mysql -u root -p [YOUR 1.0.x MySQL ROOT PASSWORD] < [WITH EACH PATH BELOW]"


Import v1.0.x user data folder to v2.0.0
- Copy/Replace Sentora user data folder to "/var/sentora" from backup


Replace v2.0.0 passwords with old v1.0.x passwords -

- Open Sentora core backup. Locate DB.php in "/panel/cnf" and
  copy "$password=" data to v2.0.0 server in /etc/sentora/panel/cnf/db.php

- Open Sentora core backup. Locate security.php in "/panel/cnf" and
  copy "$security['server_crypto_key']=" data to v2.0.0 /etc/sentora/panel/cnf/security.php

Replace these config folders in /etc/sentora/configs with v1.0.x backup configs -
- Postfix
- Proftpd
- Roundcube


Set Apache, DNS, and Daemon to Run with these commands -

  /etc/sentora/panel/bin/setso --set apache_changed "true"
  /etc/sentora/panel/bin/setso --set dnshasupdates "true"
  sudo /usr/bin/php -q /etc/sentora/panel/bin/daemon.php


Adding back any third-party modules from your v1.0.x to v2.0.0. Note all modules may not work or be secure. (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).

  DO NOT REPLACE MODULES FOLDER from v1.0.x backup to take a shortcut. This will break your v2.0.0 install. We are not responsible if you do this.

  - You will need to do this by hand!!!

    Copy any third-party modules by hand onto v2.0.0 modules folder (/etc/sentora/panel/modules) from v1.0.x backup.


Save v1.0.x backup passwords.txt file to v2.0.0 server ROOT folder

   Save v1.0.x passwords.txt to v2.0.0 ~/root folder as passwords_v10x.txt. You will need this later.


Restart server and enjoy!


Automatic upgrade/migrate script coming soon!!!!







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