Setting up your firewall

Sentora does not setup any firewall to leave you the choice to select which you want and because it is far different under various Linux distributions and preconfigured hosting.

Usually, VPS or dedicated server have no need to configure hoster's router or firewall, but it is your responsibility to install and configure a software firewall to secure your server.

Once a firewall is setup, you have to open these ports to enable the default configuration of Sentora to work:

  • 20 & 21 : FTP
  • 25 (TCP) : SMTP
  • 53 (TCP & UDP) : DNS
  • 80 (TCP & UDP) : HTTP
  • 443 (TCP & UDP)  HTTPS
  • 110 : POP3
  • 143 : IMAP


  • 3306: MySQL

WARNING : You have to open port 22 if you use SSH, else you will be not able to continue after activating the firewall.  A bit out of scope since Sentora no longer supports Windows : Windows RDP uses port 3389.

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