Problems finding a 'Minimal' OS?

Having problems finding a minimal OS package to install Sentora on?

This may help you out!

It will remove all resources that Sentora installs so that there are no conflicts and will help ensure proper configuration of your server.

Either run each entry on the command line or create a bash file:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

yum remove -y httpd httpd-devel php php-devel php-gd php-mbstring php-intl php-mysql php-xml php-xmlrpc php-mcrypt php-imap php-pear php-mysql php-cli php-common php5-dev myself mysql dovecot-mysql MariaDB MariaDB-common MariaDB-compat MariaDB-server phpMyAdmin postfix dovecot dovecot-mysql dovecot-pigeonhole sendmail ProFTPd proftpd proftpd-mysql vsftpd named bind bind-utils bind-libs bind9 pdns pdns-backend-mysql pdns-server pdns-server-backend-mysql webalizer crontabs
yum clean all
yum install -y curl

This quick snippet is from Community Member Ron-e on his GitHub.

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