Changing vhost (hostdata) location
(The location where client's hosting spaces are stored)

You may want to change Sentora's default vhost (hostdata) folder. (The location where client's hosting spaces are stored)

This is an easy way from SSH console or local console.

1) Login to your console

2) Ensure the new directory to be used exists and have proper ownership and permissions:

  • Ubuntu: www-data:www-data

  • CentOS: apache:apache

3) Change hostdata directory

setso --set hosted_dir new_hostdata_location/hostdata/


  1. Log into phpMyAdmin as root user.
  2. Open database sentora_core, then table x_settings
  3. Edit row 69 (Or search for /var/sentora/hostdata/)
  4. In row 69 put your new or updated Sentora hostdata location: new_hostdata_location/hostdata/


  • Replace new_hostdata_location with the new drive/folder path to where you want to now store your client's hosting spaces.

4) Tells Sentora daemon that the vhost file must be rewriten

setso --set apache_changed true

5) Wait until Sentora daemon run (each 5 min)

It is NOT ADVISED, but if you are really too much impatient (and if you understand what it implies) you can run the daemon manually with:

php -q /etc/sentora/panel/bin/daemon.php


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