Domain / Sub-Domain

All Linux OS Distributions with self signed SSL for a Domain or Sub-Domain. 

We recommend that you create a directory for SSL certificate inside your users hostdata folder. This will help your users to better keep track of their SSL Certificates.
Below, the examples suppose that the certificate is for user zadmin and domain billing.domain.tld. Replace each occurence by yours.

Create SSL directory

mkdir /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/ssl_certs

Create Domain SSL directory

mkdir /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/ssl_certs/billing_domain_tld

Copy over SSL certificates

Login using your favourite FTP/SFTP client (i.e. FileZilla) and navigate to the directory that we created above.
Upload in this directory the certificate files requested:

  • certificate.crt
  • certificate.key

note : it is a good idea to name the certificate with domain name.

Override a Virtual Host Setting

go to Sentora -> Admin -> Module Admin => Apache Admin

Scroll to bottom to Override a Virtual Host Setting => Select your Domain / Sub-Domain

- In Port Override box enter : 443
- ensure that the checkbox labelled Forward Port 80 to Overriden Port: is checked
- In Custom entry field copy and paste:

SSLEngine on

SSLCertificateFile /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/ssl_certs/billing_domain_tld/certificate.crt

SSLCertificateKeyFile /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/ssl_certs/billing_domain_tld/certificate.key

SSLCACertificateFile /var/sentora/hostdata/zadmin/ssl_certs/billing_domain_tld/

Then Save vhost.

The next time the daemon runs (which is every 5 minutes) it will create your VHost entry.

It is ready !

It is done. Try to access your panel at https://billing.domain.tld


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