Third party modules

Out of the box, Sentora comes with more than 20 core modules which provide the most common functionality that can be found is various web hosting control panels.

However sometimes you may wish to extend your web hosting control panel to provide additional functionality of which we either have not yet implemented as part of the ‘core’ or feel is beyond the scope of the project.

These modules have been created by some Members of the Sentora community and was pushed in the forum to share.

They are not supported by Sentora team and you may use them at your own risk.

Always read carefully their documentation (from the post linked to in the forum) before installing.
These modules may have multiple steps to install and may interact each others. 

Thank you to all module developers and maintainers.

How to install a module

List of all modules

See also  It is the public module repository that would take precedence over the list above as soon as all authors have registered their modules in it.

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