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About the documentation

Here you will find the fundamental guides and information that shall enable you to install, configure and run the Sentora hosting control panel.

While we try to keep the documentation as up to date and relevant as possible we cannot predict every possible usage scenario for Sentora. We have a community forum where you can find advice from fellow community members as well as the Sentora development team. The forum also boasts a feature request section and offers a platform for you to interact with Module developers, etc.

The documentation is divided into four major sections

Installing Sentora contains all the necessary information and examples to assist you in the installation process of Sentora on an Ubuntu or CentOS based system. It also contains information on how to install themes, modules or languages.

Configuration and Tutorials contains information and tutorials on the different components of Sentora. This will allow you to customize Sentora according to your needs.

Troubleshooting contains information and guides on basic troubleshooting methods for Sentora. If you are unable to resolve your problem: feel free to ask for help on our forum.

Developer Installs and Updates contains information and guides for developers to install the latest master branch version for testing.

Updates to the documentation

We're constantly improving and updating the documentation which is an on-going and time consuming task.

Community contributed documentation is greatly appreciated and encouraged. You can help us out by proposing changes on the forum or by clicking the icon at the bottom of every page.

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