Packages installed by Sentora

Sentora installs the following packages on your server that are pre-configured to work exclusively with Sentora:



  • NONE of these (or similar) services may be installed on your server BEFORE installing Sentora, otherwise the install will FAIL.
  • Sentora DOES NOT use or work with Nginx! You are free to try it, but we do not support it!


    Sentora - (Current Version)

    MySql -5.5.29

    Apache - 2.4.3

    PHP -5.3.20

    Bind - 9.9.2-P1

    phpMyAdmin - *

    RoundCube - 0.9.2 *

    Dovecot  - 2.0.9

    Postfix  - 2.6.6

    proFTPd - 1.3.3g


* These packages are easily upgradable to their current versions. Please see our support forums for more information.


PLEASE NOTE: Sentora does not support Microsoft Windows at this time. You can try to manually install/upgrade Sentora and its dependencies but some changes to the Sentora core may cause Sentora to become unstable or even fail from functioning)

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