List of modules on 2013/11/25

A big thank you to Markwow who compiled the initial list.



NOTE : since Hostwind closed the zpanel forum, the thread associated to each module is lost and all links have been removed.


Module Name Creator Repository Call Name
Service restarter Hostwinds restarter
Auto Billing Solution One PS2Guy billing
MyWebSQL PS2Guy mywebsql
Free Help Desk PS2Guy help_desk
phpMyAdmin Update VJftw phpmyadmin
AjaXplorer VJftw ajaxplorer
AW Stats VJftw aw_stats
Fail2Ban Brownweb fail2ban
Log Splitter Brownweb logsplitter
Apache Simple Status xmaxmex N/A N/A
Linux Server Information xmaxmex N/A N/A
Linux System Process xmaxmex N/A N/A
MySQL Report Linux xmaxmex N/A N/A
SSH Java Client xmaxmex N/A N/A
Log Viewer modpluz logviewer
Subversion modpluz subversion
Domain Forwarder modpluz domain_forwarder
xBilling modpluz xbilling
My Invoices (for XBilling) modpluz myinvoices
Domain Transfer Module modpluz transfer_domain
ZGodX jollyjoke zgodx
Theme Manager X jollyjoke theme_manager_x
Mibew Messenger Open-Source Live Support Jaspertjeh mibew_live_support
Chive Jaspertjeh chive
Webmail Advanced andykimpe webmail
HMailserver PHP Web Admin andykimpe hmailserver
SquirrelMail flectron SquirrelMail_Linux
Sentastico (Sentora) tgates sentastico
Zantastico X (ZPanel-No longer supported) tgates zantasticox
Error Page Editor tgates error_pages
Theme Chooser MathDerVakker N/A N/A
MySysInfo MathDerVakker N/A N/A
Links Module baldman links,links_data, links_manager
System files module (Windows only) baldman  
Support Ticket Module(WIN) JD1PINOY support_ticket1
Support Ticket Module(LINUX) JD1PINOY support_ticket2
Google Apps External Mail JD1PINOY google_apps
Windows Live Mail(WIN) JD1PINOY wlive_admin
Windows Live Mail(LINUX) JD1PINOY llive_admin
SSH Administrator Console JD1PINOY ssh_module
DNS Checker JD1PINOY dns_checker
Simple eBay Search davetom13 ebay
My Spotify Playlist davetom13 spotify
zShell (Linux only) davetom13 zshell
ZXTS motters ZXTS
Repository Browser rustus repo_browser
Apache status rustus apache_status
Dropbox Uploader rustus zp_dropbox
AutoIP rustus autoip
System Logviewer rustus system_logviewer
Kae's File Manager rustus kfm
FTP Browser rustus ftp_browser
Visitor Stats rustus visitor_stats
Power Plug ballen powerplug
Gate Keeper ballen gatekeeper
SQLBuddy ballen sqlbuddy
Optomiza ballen optomiza


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